The following resources to assist families of children and youth are available through the City of Chilliwack and other organizations.

City of Chilliwack

Chilliwack Community Services

Chilliwack Community Cupboard

Salvation Army

Free Programs for Middle School Students

  • Futsal (ADR & CMS)
  • Nails & Chat (ADR & CMS)
  • Video Game Club (ADR & CMS)
  • Math Club (ADR & CMS)
  • Skateboard Club (CMS/Slesse/Graham)
  • Makes Club (CMS)
  • Photography Club (ADR & CMS)
  • Indigenous Arts Club (CMS)
  • Rugby Club (CMS/ADR/Slesse)
  • Applied Design Skills Club (CMS)
  • Jewellery Making Club (ADR)
  • 3D Print Club (ADR)
  • Afterschool Fitness Club (ADR)
  • Board Game Club (ADR & CMS)
  • Rock Band Club
  • Create a Skate (Slesse)

ADR = A.D. Rundle School
CMS = Chilliwack Middle School
Slesse = Mt Slesse Middle School
Graham = GW Graham Secondary School